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Turbocharger Repair & Replacement | Milwaukee

Many auto manufacturers are opting to put turbochargers onto four-cylinder engines instead of using V6s. Turbo-fours are smaller in volume (which means they take up less physical space) and weigh less than their V6 counterparts, but have similar power outputs. As a result, drivers get better fuel economy and similar engine responsiveness while only taking a small hit to low-end torque. However, if your turbocharger is starting to go bad, all of that goes out the window.

If your vehicle feels bogged down or unresponsive, it may be the result of a malfunctioning turbocharger. Here at Hall Collision and Body Shop, we have Gold Class I-CAR-certified technicians with the expertise and specialized tools to fix any issues your vehicle may be having.

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How do I know if my turbocharger is going bad?

There are many signs that may indicate that your turbocharger is malfunctioning. Here a few things to look out for:


- Loss of power, slower acceleration than normal

- Loud, siren-like noise replacing usual turbo wind-up

- Increased blue/gray exhaust smoke

- Unusually high oil consumption

- Low boost levels on boost gauge


Regardless of whether you have a diesel or gas engine, this list is a surefire way to tell if your turbo is having problems. While turbo failure isn’t as serious as some other system failures, your vehicle will operate much less efficiently if it isn’t fixed. In some cases, your vehicle may stop working all-together.

Where to get a turbo fixed near Milwaukee?

Hall Collision and Body Shop can fix just about anything on your vehicle, from a faulty turbo or compromised exhaust manifold to major body repair and transmission failure. Our team has the experience and know-how to get your vehicle back into tip-top shape. And with access to genuine OEM parts, you know that your vehicle is in good hands at Hall Collision and Body Shop.

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