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Sensor Repair and Replacement | Milwaukee

Sensor malfunctions are (unfortunately) common. Many sensors are pretty small and delicate parts of your vehicle. As a result, even if you’re properly and regularly maintaining them, they can still wind up broken. What’s worse is that some sensors are integral to the proper function of your vehicle, such as your airbags, or other safety and driver assistive systems. Sometimes the failure of a sensor will affect your ability to drive, like with adaptive cruise control. All in all, leaving a sensor broken is unsafe and frustrating.

Hall Collision can take care of broken sensors, no problem. Our technicians are some of the 20% of mechanics that are Gold Class I-CAR certified. They can repair or replace whatever is ailing your vehicle thanks to their expertise, specialized equipment, and access to OEM parts. In the case that a sensor is not covered by your vehicle’s warranty, our technicians can help you get back on the road quickly and affordably.

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Caring for Sensors

Some sensors are internal and can’t be directly affected by the vehicle owner. However, the majority of sensors are accessible. The easiest way to care for them is to clean them regularly. For example, many vehicles have cameras and sensors placed at the top of the cabin, where the roof meets the windshield. By simply cleaning the lenses and the windshield, proper operation will be more likely to continue, with fewer false alarms or non-responses. Exterior sensors should be cleaned as well, only much more often. Once a week is a good amount to check and clean your exterior sensors. If weather is poor, like during the Midwestern winter months, daily inspection and cleanings are suggested in order to remove snow, ice, and especially salt. If allowed to build up, sediment and other particulates can build-up on and in sensors, causing them to not work properly or completely malfunction.

Where Can I Get Them Fixed?

At Hall Collision, we can do more than just fix your sensors. We can repair just about anything on your vehicle from rust spots and exhaust issues to major body work and paint matching. If you’re having issues with your vehicle, bring it into Hall Collision near Milwaukee.

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