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Seat Belt Repair | Milwaukee

Does your seat belt not seems to tighten properly? Or maybe you’re having the opposite problem, where your seat belt constantly gets stuck when you try to put it on? Does it look like it twisted underneath the trim? The seat belt is a very important feature in your vehicle and you need to make sure it’s in working order. Seat belts save lives.

As with any safety system in your car, making sure that your seat belts work is a top priority. Here at Hall Collision and Body Shop, our Gold Class I-CAR master technicians have the expertise, specialized tools, and genuine OEM parts to get you safely back on the road.

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Why does my seat belt get stuck?

There are usually two main causes of seat belt malfunction: retractor failure and pre-tensioner failure. A broken retractor usually results in your seat belt not resetting when you take it off. For instance, if you go to take your seat belt off and it just goes limp without retracting back into the mounts, the retractor needs to be repaired or replaced. The malfunctioning pre-tensioner results in the seat belt staying tight when it shouldn’t, such as when you’re trying to take your seat belt off or when moving your upper body during normal driving. Pre-tensioners are designed to “fail” during an accident, holding you and your passengers in place while the airbags deploy, keeping you safely in place inside your vehicle. They can be reset/repaired afterwards, but sometimes need to be completely replaced to work as intended again.

Where to get seat belts fixed near Milwaukee?

Hall Collision and Body Shop can do any repairs you need, whether that be a busted seat belt, lots of body damage, or just about anything else. Our team at Hall Collision has the expertise to fix every automotive problem, big or small. If world-class service is what you’re looking for, try Hall Collision and Body Shop.

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