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Diesel Engine Service & Repair

If you own or have owned a vehicle with a diesel engine at some point in your life, you know the love/hate relationship that many people have with them. They’re efficient, get great gas mileage, have way higher torque (especially at the low end), and so much more. Diesel engines last forever, with several reports from Mercedes-Benz of vehicles operating with the original engine past 900,000 miles. That’s the epitome of reliability.

But that reliability comes at a cost. Upkeep on a diesel engine is much more involved than gasoline engine. They are many more parts to replace, maintain, and service. Also, service usually needs to be done more often. And if you’ve ever had to get serious repairs on a diesel engine, you know how expensive it gets.

That’s where Hall Collision and Body Shop comes in. We have the expertise, the tools, and the parts to service and repair your vehicle’s diesel engine. All while staying affordable.

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How Do I Know If My Diesel Engine Needs Servicing?

There are many telltale signs that your diesel vehicle needs some TLC. The most obvious is probably trouble starting your vehicle. Trouble starting usually means compression issues. Blue smoke consistently coming from your diesel engine is also an issue. It means that your diesel is burning its own oil. Similarly, if you have a turbocharged diesel, black smoke coming from the engine can mean turbocharger issues.

There are many things that indicate your diesel needs maintenance. Loss of power, lower fuel economy, engine knocking, and high oil consumption are all signs that you should get your vehicle to the nearest mechanic ASAP.

Diesel Engine Service & Repair near Milwaukee

Here at Hall Collision and Body Shop, our technicians are counted among the 20% of US mechanics that are Gold Class I-CAR certified. Bring your vehicle to Hall Collision and Body Shop if your vehicle is in need of repair.

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