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Coolant Flush near Milwaukee, WI

Just like oil, the coolant fluid in your vehicle needs to be changed when the time comes around. Luckily, this doesn’t occur nearly as often as it does with oil, but drive any car for long enough, and it will indeed become a necessity if you want your ride to continue functioning.

When flush time arrives, you may be wondering: where can I get a coolant flush near Milwaukee, WI?

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Why is it necessary to flush engine coolant?

Similar to oil, the molecules in engine coolant break down over time. This makes it so the fluid can no longer accomplish its purpose of maintaining the optimum temperature within the engine to keep it functioning well and prevent corrosion.

Additionally, dust and other particles can accumulate in the engine coolant. When this happens, the particles can get inside vital areas of your vehicle’s machinery and clog things up, causing big issues like making your car overheat or, alternatively, preventing it from being able to heat up inside. Repairs to such issues can be costly.

This decay of fluid quality is why the engine coolant needs to be entirely flushed and replaced, instead of simply topped off or refilled.

When should I get my coolant flushed?

Your owner’s manual should inform you of the optimal time to get the flushing procedure performed. Most vehicular owner’s manuals can be found online these days with a Google search.

As a general guidepost, however, initial coolant that was added to the car at the time of its creation should be drained by the time the vehicle reaches 100,000 on the odometer at the latest. After that, the flush should be performed about every three years.

Where can I get a coolant flush near Milwaukee, WI?

Here at Hall Service, we’ll be happy to perform a coolant flush procedure on your vehicle! Our trained, top-notch service team will make sure to cross every T and dot every I along the way to ensure your vehicle comes out of it running at the top of its game. Fill out the form on this page to ask any more questions you have or schedule a service appointment. Thanks for reading, and we hope to work with you soon!

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